Our PM team consists of three highly qualified  Property Managers who have dedicatedly been with MRE for many years with exception to our most recent addition Amie who has recently relocated from Brisbane late last year.
All of our managers have a vast experience in Property Management and compliment each other and our other departments to ensure we provide the best customer experience possible.
Haylee Triffitt - has been with MRE for 7 years now, starting fresh in the field in 2010 and has gained a diverse range of knowledge of the rental market movement over the years as witness to the dramatic rise and fall of the mining boom.
Vicki Manning - Vicki moved to Moranbah from Brisbane 5 years ago in a spur of the moment "Reverse Sea Change" and hasnt looked back. She has been with Moranbah Real Estate since the day she arrived and has strongly set her roots and time into many community organisations.  
Amie Lorimer - Relocated from Brisbane in October last year to follow her heart and settle in closer to her partner in Moranbah, she comes with 5 years experience in Property Management in the busy fast paced city environment of Brisbane.